Written by Jesse Nover, Experience Lead, New York City

Queensboro bridge in new york
Queensboro bridge in new york
Queensboro Bridge, New York City

The other day while walking down the sidewalk in Queens, NY, a driver pulled to a halt across the street from me, rolled down his window, and asked for directions. This in itself has never been an unusual occurrence living in a city, and I was happy to oblige, but this time it struck me as odd. With a smartphone seemingly in every pocket, and Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps on every smartphone, there is seldom a need to ask for directions anymore. Was this fellow the last person without…

Leh Ladakh in India / Photograph by Design Leader Deepali Nayar

An essay by Deepali Nayar @ Publicis Sapient

Influence of Perceptions

Have you ever felt that your experiences are being driven by your perceptions, and that your mind works against you to be grounded in reality?

Or, at times do you feel that peer pressure, your social circle, or your social status drives most of your needs and wants? And you are automatically influenced by a brand without looking at the actual facts and figures of the product/service?

This is our unconscious mind — so-called “fast thinking” — and it’s what is constantly active and governs all of our actions. We rely on…

Publicis Sapient Experience Design’s approach to Code of Conduct while working together online

We’re hosting a special webinar on September 19, 2020 in India at Publicis Sapient on “The Future of Technology, Design, and Business” at 5PM IST. The goal is to share a few of our perspectives on how our approach to Digital Business Transformation is uniquely propelled by the power of experience design. We will be covering the following topics within a short 1-hour session:

  • Connection of business with design
  • Connection of design with computation
  • History and future of design as “three kinds of design”
  • A rapid introduction of computational design and LEAD
  • A peek into Publicis Sapient’s inclusive ways of…

CEO and Design Leader Helen Tran via Twitter

“I think often it’s hard for people to accept Designers come in shades (just like every other profession) so it’s easier for them to imply all designers are visual or all designers should do user experience or whatever set of skills.” — Helen Tran

At Publicis Sapient we’ve created an in-house system by which our various design talent can be roughly categorized into one of 625 shades of designer. It addresses the common challenge of trying to differentiate between design that is primarily decorative or aesthetic (AND important) versus design that is more about problem solving at scale (AND important…

LEAD was inspired by Samin Nosrat’s NYT Bestselling Cookbook “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking”

LEAD is Publicis Sapient’s open source approach to describing good experiences that are powered by computation. It’s a simple, but powerful idea that’s been co-crafted by designers across the world at 50+ offices globally. If you’d like to LEAD-ify your digital transformation efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Child looking at map facing an open field.
Child looking at map facing an open field.

Since the birth of IDEO’s unique approach to open sourcing their design methodology, there have been many variants that have been grown from that original, ambitious effort. Today you can visit any one of these resources:

to gain the skills of an expert “design thinker.” And although there are countless other collections of design methods out there, at Publicis Sapient we have a long list of our own of course. In the spirit of continuing in the standard of sharing that IDEO set over a decade ago, what follows is…

An interview with John Maeda @ Publicis Sapient

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” — General Eric Shinseki

What do you envision the office will look like in a post-pandemic world?

There will be three priorities in mind:

  • Safety for individuals: both physical and psychological.
  • Safety for groups: leaning heavily on technology to create proximity with distancing.
  • Conscious collaboration over cooperation: differentiating between these two modes consciously.

What changes to the office experience, from the commute to actually being in the office, can and should be made to prioritize employee health and safety? …

Symon Hammacott is Head of Experience APJ / David Gompel is Co-Managing Director of APAC / Emma Scales is Co-Managing Director of APAC

Interview by John Maeda @ Publicis Sapient

We bridge strategy and engineering.

JM: The world is looking to Asia for how to manage towards recovery in the C-19 era.

First of all, how have you seen conditions changing in the last month on a personal level, and for businesses over there?

For a significant portion of the past decade, customer experience has been signalled as a silver bullet for organisations. A resolution for ailing shareholder value and Net Promoter Score, endorsed by market data — experience-led companies outperformed the S&P 500, 22% of Fortune 100 companies have C-suite customer officers compared to 6% of the Fortune 1000, 81% of marketers told they competed mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience.

More compelling still is the narrative of so-named legacy companies which successfully transformed. Domino’s Pizza is one of the best examples. In 2007, Domino’s was the first company of…

Philip Beil SVP is Industry Lead Transportation & Mobility / Tom Schaafs is ECD DACH / Christian Waitzinger is ECD and Head of Experience EMEA

Interview by John Maeda @ Publicis Sapient

We bridge strategy and engineering.

JM: The world sees Germany recovering faster than many other countries in the C-19 era.

First of all, how have you seen conditions changing in the last month on a personal level, and for businesses over there in Germany?

Publicis Sapient Experience

We bridge business strategy and scaled engineering with dataful experiences. https://publicissapient.com/experience

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